The Wind of Time(2009)for tenor and piano

Go Down In History(2009)for tenor and piano

Heart Valley(2010)for piano

Impression (2010)for soprano and piano

Water Mirror(2011)piano

Far Away(2012)for tenor and piano

Atonal Game(2012)for piano

Wall for string quartet and piano(2015)

Self Portrait I (2015)for solo Flute

No water no moon(2015)for Flute,violin,violoncello,piano

Resonanz(2017-2020)for Ensemble

Sound inside the world(2017-2019)for Orchestra

Eternal for Piano and 100 earphone(2018)

Liebe und Tod(2019)for soprano and piano

Sensory World(2019)for one performer

Aufdeckung (2019)für Flügel,Schlagzeug,5 Performer und Video

Leer (2019-2020)for solo Piano

Self Portrait II (2020)for solo Oboe

Time Space Score (2021)Installation Art

The Earth is Big (2021)for 2 Performers who are not in the same time zone

?— C.E.1992,C.E.20XX — ∞(2020-2021)“You will die alone”

for Video,Electonic,Performer, Licht, Bühne

Cripple(2021) For one Cellist and Cello

?— C.E.1992,C.E.20XX — ∞(2021-2022)Two Spirit

Ziteng Ye — Desire (2022) for both hands and absent objects